Cold Landscape

Top 10 Hacks for Winter Survival

Keeping with the theme of “hack” lists, this week’s post is all about the best ways to get through the next three to five months without going bonkers. The Cubert family lives in Minnesota, where winter can creep in as early as October, and linger as late as early May. […]

The Orbit Inn in Palm Springs California

Is Early Retirement Bad For Your Health?

Since the clock went back an hour a few weeks back, I’ve been dreading the darkness that awaits after the work day is done. I’m not a big fan of November, at least until the holidays roll around. Being with family and having a few days off from the cube […]

My old mountain bike on Lake Calhoun

Top Five Budget Hacks, Just in Time for the Holidays 

Saving up for early retirement requires a good amount of effort earning extra money, while also reducing expenses. Some figure that latter part is a real drag. In truth, there’s no real sacrifice at all in terms of impact to health and happiness. So when I say “just in time […]

Retired Early on Less than Six Figures

How to Retire Early on Less than Six Figures

Most of the advice you’ll find on blogs like this one come from authors who have achieved higher than average incomes. In many cases, incomes before retirement are in the six figures (or more) and both partners are high earners.