BMW Drivers

Are All BMW Drivers Assholes?

Are all BMW drivers assholes? Let’s see if we can answer that profound question in a special Tuesday Rant, shall we? Oh, and disclaimer, I hate driving. I’d prefer to be riding my bike, but you know what, last night was softball night, and the team needed me there on […]

Motivation to Pay off Student Loan Debt

Get Motivated to Pay Down Your Student Loan Debt

Today’s guest post comes to us from Jacob over at Jacob is a high school math teacher by day and personal finance blogger by night. Follow his journey on Twitter @DollarDiligence. This post may contain affiliate links. If you were sitting on a large pile of debt like I […]

the perfect old fashioned

Rich People Skills: How to Make the Perfect Old Fashioned

This is the first in a new series that I hope to keep going each and every Friday. See, getting up at 5AM every day has it’s perks. No more excuses for not producing high quality, well-crafted content for our Abandoneer readers! To be clear, I define “Rich People” in […]

No Regrets About Living in Minneapolis

True Wealth is Having No Regrets

Today’s short and sweet post carries a rather simple premise. The idea behind an early retirement isn’t built on the fantasy of amassing stockpiles of cash or multiples of millions. For most of us whom are seeking an early exit from the office, there’s some triggering event that compels us […]

Landlord's Ten Commandments

The Successful Landlord’s Ten Commandments

A key part of our strategy to reach an early retirement relies heavily on the income from our four single family rental homes. We’ve been fortunate to have a rental market that continues to be smoking hot for several years running here in Minneapolis. I moved from the suburbs to […]