5AM Wake-up Call

Your Friday 5AM Wake-up Call

Today’s post is featured on one of my all time favorite blogs, 1500 Days to Freedom. I’m excited to share how getting up way too early has yielded some pretty meaningful benefits. Here’s an excerpt:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get your list of to-do’s done just about each and every day? Does it drive you crazy to see other people succeed more quickly and proficiently at the same endeavors you attempt, whether it’s physical fitness, finance, or, I dunno, writing?

Back in mid-July, around the time I resuscitated my blog from a three-month coma, I started the habit of waking up at 5AM every day. Not just Monday through Friday, mind you. Nope. Every. Single. Day. What I soon discovered was not only how easy it was to focus on my writing and the blog, but how much better I function at work and around my family.

I’m certainly no pioneer in this radical practice. J. Money featured a series on Benjamin Franklin a while back that got me at least thinking about the idea. Course, at the time I’m like, no fucking way… But, here I am now, writing this sentence at 5:46AM local time.

Read the rest of this post here. When you’re done, remember to set that alarm clock one hour earlier.

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  1. Great job scoring that 1500 days feature! Just checked it out and it was amazing. 🙂 I think there really are benefits to waking up early. The difficult thing is just making it a habit. It can be done if you slowly wake up earlier and earlier over time to ease into it. I love the stillness of the mornings; that’s when I do my best work.

    1. Thanks, Mrs. PP! Really appreciate those kind words! 🙂
      Right you are about making it a habit. I figured if I could just get through the first month I’d be set. Here I am entering month four, and no looking back!

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