How to Lose a Million Dollars

How to Lose a Million Dollars

Yes, Cubert lose a million dollars. *sniff*

To get the full story, check out J. Money’s blog, here:

How to Lose a Million Dollars

J. Money has been super gracious in allowing me to guest blog on his fantastic site,


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  1. Hey there, Cubert AC! Loved your post on Budgets are Sexy. I am an avid PF blog reader, and I love in Minneapolis! Glad to have a Twin City-er in the blog scene. I look forward to reading through your archives!

  2. Hi Cubert,

    Fascinating read! I used to drive a nice BMW but lived frugally outside of that….BUT…when things turned after getting laid off, and before I dove full bore into blogging, I fell heavily into debt. And even during years when income was A-OK, that BMW Bleed (LOL) really built up over time. Now I live a minimalist life because I circle the globe and need/want few things. Just my suitcase, backpack, some clothes, Chromebook, phone, tablet….wallet, and cards. Different story for me financially 😉 Thanks for sharing!


    PS…thanks for the recent Retweet too 🙂

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