Small House

Revenge of the Small House

Back in the late fall of 2012, we learned we would become parents of boy/girl twins. Exhilarating days for us. Absolutely magical. Life in our small house would never be the same. Soon, the crazy days and weeks of preparing […]

Zero Hour Work Week

The Zero Hour Work Week

No shocker here, but In my mind, it’s easier to write about financial wisdom than it is to actually practice it. Those of us aspiring to retire early are sometimes characterized as “cheap”, “tightwads”, and even flat-out crazy. Today’s post […]

Sports Fandom

The High Cost of Being a Sports Fan

One of the many ways to fill up our precious time and consume our hard-earned dollars is following a favorite sports team, or teams. Especially this time of year, when American football is in full-swing, sports fandom is off the […]

Cold Shower

The Power of a Cold Shower

I try to bike in to the office at least twice a week. The ride is eleven miles each way, of mainly side streets, with a handful of highway overpasses. Nothing too difficult at all, so I’m often left wondering […]