Cold Shower

The Power of a Cold Shower

I try to bike in to the office at least twice a week. The ride is eleven miles each way, of mainly side streets, with a handful of highway overpasses. Nothing too difficult at all, so I’m often left wondering why the heck there aren’t more bikes out there with me. Today’s post isn’t about lamenting the lack of bicycle commuters. On the contrary, this is an uplifting post about the power of the cold shower. Here’s what greeted me this morning at the office locker room:

Now, this isn’t altogether a bad thing. See, I could easily pack up and head on over to the other building, take the stairs down to the lower level, and battle the gym rats for a shower stall… For the sake of hot water.

Instead, I figured, could it really be that awful to shower in cold water after a longish bike ride? So, with a slight bit of hesitation, I turned the faucet. Part of me thought perhaps the hot water would work somehow. No, it was cold. Freaking Lake Superior cold. I think I moved so fast to bathe that I almost generated enough heat to offset the cold blast. No, not really…

The Author’s Lesson

The funny thing is, it was over pretty fast, maybe in one minute thirty seconds, and I got the job done. The wins in this daring experiment?

1. I saved time. I usually like ten minute showers to think and pretend I’m enjoying a stand up hot tub.

2. I saved water. A lot of it. Multiple gallons I’m sure.

3. I didn’t have to dance around other people who otherwise would’ve been using this locker room. A time saver as well.

4. I felt like a man, man! Cold showers are a low risk way to amp up some cheap thrills. Granted I prefer sloshing down black diamonds and winter cycling, but you know, the little things set the tone for the day.

The best part was the co-worker who asked incredulously, “You took a shower?” “Yes”, I said, chest puffed out a centimeter or so…

I plan to keep on taking cold showers in that locker room for a while, since that sign didn’t give much hope of a quick fix.

My hope is that a large part of this blog will highlight similar themes. When inconveniences pop up, do a little jujitsu and squeeze out some benefits. It’s the same thing as when your car breaks down. Of course you’re going to ride your bike to work, and after that one time affair, you realize it wasn’t that hard after all.

Will I go back to hot showers again, once the hot water is restored?

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  1. I’d prefer a hot shower myself, but cold showers can be invigorating! Keep jujitsuing the hell out of life’s little inconveniences. Succumbing to them is often extremely expensive and might delay your anticipated ‘abandon cubicle’ date, which would suuuuuck!

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