These are the products and services I support. Remember to apply the principles of this blog before spending a single penny. The goal here is to share about products and services that add value, but ultimately, we’re all here to save!


Rentec Direct

I use Rentec Direct for all of my tenant screening needs. The interface is a bit old-school, but it works. And it works FAST. I can get results on applicants’ crime records, credit reports, and eviction reports typically within a few minutes at most. The fees are very reasonable, at a little under $30 per applicant screening.



I really enjoyed working with Fiverr to create this blog’s logo and cute caricature of my wife and me. You definitely get a great deal, and the review process ensures you’ll get a quality product. Be sure to tip!



I love these guys. Whenever I need to get around town and I don’t have access to my own wheels, Lyft always seems to be within five minutes of a pick up. The cars are clean and the drivers are polite. Save a few bucks on your next Lyft ride by clicking on the banner and using the code SPARTAN17.



Start HERE if you’re interested in firing-up your very own blog! From Bluehost, you can set up a WordPress blog on your Bluehost domain. I’m planning to write up a “how to” guide in the very near future. Stay tuned.



I use Vanguard to manage our personal IRAs. They are the trusted shop for low-fee index fund investing. Their security is top-notch, which is increasingly important these days. I also select Vanguard funds within my Fidelity 401K and Optum HSA account. Visit to set up your account today.