Start Here!

Early retirement-bound, with aggressive financial tactics.

I’ve got less than three years to go before I can leave behind cubicle life for good. These past twenty-plus years as an IT professional have passed in an absolute blur of “what the hell value have I been adding here?!?”

I’ve learned a lot, and often the hard way, about the importance of time and relationships over money. And now, I’d like to think I’ve learned enough to reach early retirement in my mid-40s. Twenty years ahead of schedule.

My family is priority number one.

More time with them is a heckuva lot better than drifting away in cubicle land!

We live in beautiful, progressive, and weather-extreme Minneapolis, Minnesota. I try to ride my bike to work as much as child-care schedules allow. We try to minimize our footprint and aspire to minimalism. You’ll see plenty evidence of that in my posts.

Thanks to the flip title of this blog, and for lack of a better moniker, I’ve chosen “Cubert” (ala “Q*bert”) to represent me while I toil in a few more months of anonymity.

Hell, I’m old enough to remember playing Pong in the late 70s. Why not go with some silly block-hopping pixel blob from the early 80s? It’s goofy, but it’s me. At least until I’m able to come out of the corporate bloggers’ closet in 2020.

Come hang out with me for a while. I’m sure the ride will continue to be an interesting and enlightening one. And we just might learn a few things together along the way!



For more background on my journey to financial independence, check out this early post from 2016.

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial planner or certified money expert. Any recommendations or advice presented within the content of this blog are based on the experiences of the author. Although you should do exactly as I say and do, you’d be an idiot if you did so without thoroughly doing your own research and analysis. Cheers!